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About Us

Frida Room is a family-owned Mexican & American Brunch Spot based in Pilsen, Chicago. Inspired by his family's everyday traditional Mexican cooking, Angel Diaz decided to open Frida Room in 2015, with one simple goal in mind: creating a place where he could feel at home and taste delicious and genuine Mexican food, just like his grandma, Chepis used to prepare it.

As traditions pass on from one generation to the next, cultures combine and blend in perfectly, and so does food! Initially, Frida Room featured a collection of Angel's family's favorite traditional Mexican recipes. But, as time went by, he started integrating local American flavors and ingredients to the Frida Room menu, turning it into a delicious combination of authentic Mexican food and modern American food. 

Every morning, you can find Angel having breakfast in his favorite spot, which he now runs together with his daughter Monica as a family business.

Our Menu

If you're in town, stopping by Frida Room is a must. Start your day with the best Mexican American breakfast in Chicago, better known as Desayuno Mexicano Americano. Don't forget to try Frida's own coffee blend inspired by Angel’s grandfather, Manuel Alcantara Montero, created with the most delicious Colombian, Kenyan, and Mexican coffee beans. 

On top of that, if you are looking for an incredible brunch restaurant, Frida Room offers a great variety of top brunch choices for you to enjoy. Try its fresh-squeezed orange juice in your BYOB mimosas and taste mouth-watering dishes like their famous chilaquiles, pancakes, molletes, and much more! 

The best hamburgers and enchiladas in Chicago are also at the restaurant, prepared with groundbreaking new flavor combinations destined to blow your mind. If you are in the mood to celebrate, you can always BYOB - Bring your own bottle of alcohol to your table!

Supporting Local Artists

Inspired by Ciudad De Mexico art, and culture, the restaurant also supports local artists, incorporating their original pieces together with the uniquely colorful and vibrant style Frida Room is known for. 

An authentic culinary experience and familiar Latino warmth that everybody who visits the restaurant falls in love with.